Efficient agronomic performance

A long list of trials show Koch Advanced Nitrogen® fertiliser provides the crop yield potential of ammonium nitrate, but with the added benefits of one-third higher nitrogen, and simplified handling and storage.

  Yield: Tonne/hectare    
Crop Ammonium Nitrate Koch Advanced Nitrogen® fertiliser Trial conducted by Location
Average (all trials) 9.3 9.4    
Winter wheat (feed) 11.2 11.5 Frontier* Yorkshire
Winter wheat (feed) 11.2 11.1 Frontier* Yorkshire
Winter wheat (feed) 8.4 8.5 C.A.T Suffolk
Winter wheat (milling) 9.6 9.8 Mike Carver Hampshire
Winter wheat (milling) 7.9 7.9 Agrii Essex
Winter wheat (feed) 9.8 10.1 Agrii Essex
Spring barley 11.1 10.9 Agrii Wiltshire
OSR 5.3 5.2 Agrii Essex
Source: Carver Associates
*Results are from the first year of a three year study


Koch Advanced Nitrogen® fertiliser provides strong results in winter wheat
(Average 7 locations, DEFRA NT2603 study)

Arable – test locations for DEFRA project NT2603

Site name, Crop Site manager Soil, climate
Gleadthorpe (Notts), winter barley ADAS Sandy, dry
High Mowthorpe (N Yorks), winter wheat ADAS Calcareous, dry
Stetchworth (Cambs), winter barley ADAS Calcareous sandy, dry
Boxworth (Cambs), winter wheat ADAS Calcareous heavy, dry
Rothamsted (Herts), winter wheat Rothamsted Medium, dry
Woburn (Herts), winter wheat Rothamsted Sandy, dry
Bush Estate (Lothian), winter wheat SAC Medium, moderate


Koch Advanced Nitrogen® fertiliser provides strong results in grass
(Average 6 locations, DEFRA NT2603 study)

Grassland – test locations for DEFRA project NT2603

Site name Site manager Soil, climate
North Wyke IGER Medium, wet
North Wyke IGER Heavy, wet
Auchincruive (Ayr) SAC Sandy, wet
Crichton Royal (Dumfries) SAC Heavy, wet
Hillsborough (N Ireland) QuB Heavy, wet
High Mowthorpe (N Yorks) ADAS Calcareous, dry
Koch Advanced Nitrogen® fertiliser is a nitrogen fertiliser based on urea treated with AGROTAIN® nitrogen stabiliser. AGROTAIN® stabiliser reduces ammonia volatilisation to ensure that the N fertiliser is available to fuel crop productivity. The technology was proven in UK trials by ADAS, IGER/Rothamsted Research and AFBI. AGROTAIN® stabiliser is registered within EU fertiliser legislation.

Trials conducted on Koch Advanced Nitrogen® fertiliser include:

  • Defra NT26, with 62 trial-years
  • Frontier
  • Agrii
  • Cambridge Arable Technologies
  • Carver Associates



"Most farmers tended to use AN for later applications because of fears of volatilisation, and the resultant lower grain proteins, Koch Advanced Nitrogen® fertiliser looks to be doing what the manufacturers say it will and maintaining nitrogen productivity. Plus it has the advantages of cost-effectiveness, higher concentratons of nitrogen and less material required." Cambridge Arable Technologies